Okkie Oosthuizen | Blue Chip Flight School
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Okkie was born in Bloemfontein and grew up in Somerset-West; he matriculated at Parel-Valley in 2007.  Being a very active person he enjoyed, rugby, swimming and golf at school and took part in his first Argus at the age of 6, since then he completed 12.


Okkie practised the violin for 12 years at school; he believes the sound of the bow on the strings is a perfect medium for emotional expression.  “I gained a lot of self-discipline from repeated practise”


This busy body served in the navy as a combat officer and thereafter he obtained his BCom degree specialising in Investment Management at the Stellenbosch University.

He was also a JSE SAFEX broker specialising in grain futures and spot deliveries and the director at Concrete Technologies incorporated specialising in demolition and asbestos removal.


‘In 2019 I enrolled as a student at Blue Chip Flight School, after my PPL I applied for the position of Operations Manager at Blue Chip.”


He holds the following:

Code 14 Licence

Skipper Licence

Private Pilot Licence, studying towards his Commercial Pilot Licence.


Why becoming a pilot?


“Since I can remember I wanted to drive, whether it is a car, truck, bus or a bobcat, ultimately now, flying different aircraft.  I love the feeling of pure excitement and joy you get, at take-off; that feeling of having an extension of your body and coaxing it over mountains and valleys, since we cannot go fast ourselves, this is one of the ways we can.


Okkie is the person behind operations; he is responsible to manage the booking sheet, to ensure streamlined flight operations, with the primary focus of tracking and monitoring of all flights, and scheduling maintenance of aircraft.  He has the ability to multi-task and to prioritise when faced with multiple tasks.


He is also one of our examination invigilators.


“I believe customer service is the key to customer retention and therefore it is critical for a business to provide excellent service”


Favourite quote

Trust what you know; have faith in where you go; if there is no wind, row, or just go with the flow. –

Ed Parrish III