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June 2024
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The open day is aimed at providing more information and insights to aspiring pilots of any age – whether you want to make flying your profession or just fulfill your dream of flying.


Come and experience our friendly staff and world-class facilities. Entrance is free! For more info about this potentially life-changing event, contact Blue Chip Flight School – we’re waiting for you call!


We love staying updated when it comes to everything related to aviation, and we like to write about it! Click below to read more about our work and learn how to become a better pilot…

  • The year 2020 started off with a bang for us at Blue Chip Flight School. We welcomed our new students and by end of February, it seemed as though we would have our best year ever. However, COVID and t...

  • Although the physics of flight have not changed since the very early days of the Wright brothers, modern pilots are faced with an entirely different set of challenges when compared to our forefathers....

  • As most of us are aware, due to it not being a closely guarded state secret, the global qualified pilot shortage is upon us. This has resulted in the pilot training environment to boom. Flight schools...

“The aviation industry is made up of extraordinary, unique people who share the passion of flying with a specific energy and enthusiasm that is not seen elsewhere. When you become a pilot, you join an instant family.”

- Henk Kraaij, Managing Director



For any questions about cost, instruction, certificates or any other requirements, please contact our admissions team. They are standing by to help you with all the details about our flight school.