Flight Training and the future - Blue Chip Flight School
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Flight Training and the future

Flight Training and the future

As most of us are aware, due to it not being a closely guarded state secret, the global qualified pilot shortage is upon us. This has resulted in the pilot training environment to boom. Flight schools all around the country are experiencing growth in potential pilot numbers on a daily basis.

The nett result is that each one of the flight schools has got and increased responsibility to the general travelling public and the Commercial Aviation sector to deliver the highest quality pilots. A challenge not to be taken lightly, in view of increased local and international safety standards. Gone are the days of hap hazard flight and theoretical training. Special attention has to be given to every detail, no matter how minute it might seem. In recent years a lot of theoretical and practical exercises have fallen by the wayside, for example side slipping, the reason being that somehow, someone decided that it is no longer important?

As for the future, new technology and advancements in technology, with regards to aircraft and systems, the training syllabi in the general aviation sector will be set to change many more times. The challenge for everyone involved in flight training will be to adapt and develop training materials to ensure that every new pilot presented to the industry is up to speed and competent. This will in addition keep the training costs down for the employers of aforementioned pilots.

So as training institutions and flight instructors have our work cut out for us. As more and more people take to the skies for holidays and business, more and more pilots will be required to fly the general public to their intended destinations in absolute safety and comfort. A responsibility not to be taken lightly by anyone involved in aviation.

Brendon Lubbe
Chief Flight Instructor